If you have a company, you must call and hold the ordinary annual meeting of partners or shareholders, which must be held on the date established in the bylaws or if it is not established, no later than within 3 months following the expiration of each fiscal year, which is generally March 31.

Verify if you should implement SAGRILAFT, the business ethics program and if you should update the database registered in the National Database Registry.

Additionally, review tax obligations such as declaration and payment of value added tax, declaration and payment of withholding tax, declaration and payment of industry and commerce tax, income tax return, and renewal at the chamber of commerce, among others.

If the company has any registration with the Colombian Central Bank, for foreign investment, external debt, compensation accounts or registrations for import or export, review if it is required to make any declaration.

If your company issues securities on the Colombian Stock Market, you will have additional obligations, such as the Country Code and presentation of some reports.

This is not legal advice, only general information.

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