If you have employees:

* Check if the labor conditions are the same or if the contract should be modified.

* Pay the social security benefits monthly.

* Pay the mandatory bonus twice a year, in June no later than the 30th and in December before the 20th (each payment corresponds to half the salary for 180 days worked).

* Transfer the unemployment benefits – severance assistance to the financial entity to which the worker is registered. This payment must be done before February 14th, of the following year.

* Pay the interest from the unemployment benefits – severance assistance in January of the following year worked by the employee. Contrary to the severance assistance, its interests must be paid directly to the employee.

* For employees who earn up to two minimum wages per month, give them the Clothing Assistance three times per year (April 30th, August 31th and December 20th).

* Give vacation corresponding to fifteen business days per year, as long as the employee has worked the entire year.

* Pay the transportation assistance to employees who earn up to two minimum wages per month.

* Depending on the number of workers, review if you must comply with the Sena apprentice quota and occupational health and safety committee, among others.

This is not legal advice, only general information.

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